Unveiling the Ultimate White-labeled Ticketing Platform at the LevelUp 2023

GoCSM All-in-One Customer Success & Ticketing Platform. Fully White-labeled Web and Mobile App

Everything you require to elevate your SaaS customer experience. Crafted by SaaSPRENEURs, for SaaSPRENEURs.

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Built for HighLevel Agencies, Fully White Labeled

We understand the challenges and the critical role of the CSM department in any SaaS company.

White Labeled Web & Mobile App

Customize your ticketing system, including a branded mobile app, 100% in your style. Your brand, your support, your way!

Streamline Operations

Simplify operations for a clear view of your CSM team's tasks and customer health.

iFramed support portal

Seamless integration with Go High Level for your support portal, connecting customer success with your operations.

Sarmad Arsalan
Sarmad Arsalan
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We didn't know what customer success is until we started using GoCSM. Now, we have way better understanding of our customers and it helps us in providing better service.
Caesar Shakir
Caesar Shakir
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I highly recommend GoCSM for all GHL resellers, this is exactly what differentiates us from each other. Our unique customer service is the key that we standout with
Anderson Veiga
Anderson Veiga
Ten Four Life
Read More
GoCSM and their team offer superior education on how to incorporate CSM activities into a business. Their system and guidance is highly recommended.

Top Features

Boost customer success with GoCSM. Start now and make it uniquely yours!


An information-rich hub offering quick answers and guidance for maximizing your GoCSM experience.

User Permissions
Account Administrator
Support Agent
Ticket Collaborator
Time Tracking

Keeping track of time spent on a ticket.

Ticket Management
Resolved 95%
New 55%
Escalation 79%
Pending 40%
Customer Health
Predict churn and successfully retain your customers with GoCSM Health Score.
John Doe

Company Name

Satifaction Level Product Adoption Login Activity Health Score


Forums serve as an excellent platform to foster a thriving community within your customer portal. Here, your customers can engage in active discussions, including requests for new features, reporting issues, sharing tips and tricks, and receiving announcements from your team.

Embrace the Next Level of Customer Success

GoCSM provides flexible, customized service solutions. Say goodbye to disjointed support. Our white-label system for GoHighLevel SaaS puts you in control, ensuring reliable, high-quality service.

Fully White-labeled

Customize everything – your brand & logo – for a support environment that matches your brand identity perfectly.

Tailored for GoHighLevel:

Designed to fit the needs of GoHighLevel agencies, providing an interface and experience that's just right for you.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate GoCSM with your GoHighLevel systems, ensuring a seamless and powerful customer management journey.

WL Mobile App

Either your customers can download our Gray Label mobile app called "Help Center," or you can apply to have your own White Label (WL) mobile app customized with your branding for your GoCSM system.

0 %
increase in first
contact resolution.
0 %
faster response time.
0 %
increase in customer
satisfaction score.
0 %
reduction in customer
churn rate.

Switching to GoCSM is a breeze

Just follow these three steps: Connect, Customize, and Launch. Transition smoothly to a branded and exceptional customer success journey.

Go CSM Pricing

A Fully White-Labeled Ticketing System for Individuals and Small Teams Ready to Uplift Customer Service.
Exclusive Level Up 2023 Offer

Be among the first 100 to sign up during the event and gain an instant entourage of 3 affiliates. A strong beginning to your GoCSM chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we don’t provide live demos, but we do offer pre recorded demo videos and a 14-day free trial.

GoCSM seamlessly integrates either with your GHL or with your Stripe so you will see your active subscribers within your GoCSM as active customers or churned.

Certainly, you can! Under the “Contact” tab, once you click on import button, we offer a CSV file sample. To ensure seamless data import, please replicate the columns in the provided file. Once done, you can effortlessly import the file, and your contact menu will be populated with the data.

GoCSM provides tools to monitor customer health through four key elements:

  1. Customer satisfaction level.
  2. Customer product adoption.
  3. Customer login frequency.
  4. Referral requests history.

Based on our extensive experience, we’ve observed significant improvements in customer retention when Saas companies prioritize these four elements.

While customer support and answering customer questions are not necessarily synonymous with customer success. Utilizing GoCSM enables your CSM specialists to understand their next steps with the customer, bringing them closer to account success and the highest health score. This approach secures long-term customer relationships and lifetime value.

Our dedicated customer success team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. We’re committed to ensuring your success with GoCSM.

Your Brand, Your Support, Your Way.

With GoCSM’s fully white-labeled ticketing system, infuse your unique brand identity into every facet of customer support. Craft an unmistakable and efficient service experience that genuinely reflects your business.

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Join the First 100 to Profit from GoCSM

The first 100 users to sign up for GoCSM will automatically gain 3 affiliates under their banner. So you will start earning instantly from your GoCSM subscription.
Additionally, enjoy $100 lifetime discount on your subscription if you signed up now. Limited Time Offer

Watch the Demo Video

Get a sneak peek of GoCSM in action and discover how our powerful customer success management platform can transform your business.